(1) The Role Of Wife In A Flourishing Family Life.

The wife is the HEART of the family . She is the home maker. Wife is in the central position in the family.

If you closely examine human build up, The leg may be strong, the eye may be bright, the hand also may be strong and the head in good condition. If the heart have problem, the whole body will have problem.

If the wife is strong, she will be able to handle her task in the home.

The wife, like human heart distribute necessary things to members of the family. She gives to the father so also the children and to herself.

Wife is the source of joy in the family it distribute love to every member of the family just as the heart will pump blood to every parts of the family.

The heart is always at work pumping blood to every parts of the body. It doesn’t go on leave and it doesn’t stop work

The wife must not stop work. She must not be so annoyed to the extent that she will suspend
her work. She should be merciful, considerate, compassionate and humble.

She is the seat of care. No matter what happens, even if she is offended, she must not stop her duty to the family.

She is also the seat of intimacy, she should show intimacy at all times

The whole family must be able to depend on her with full assurance that she will not let them down.

If she does her duty perfectly with a pure heart, other parts of the family will function adequately just as parts of the body function adequately when the heart is in good shape.


(2) The Role Of Husband In A Flourishing Family Life.

The father is the head of the family.
Just as the head contains the eye that can see when danger is near so the father is the head of the family that sees danger and protects the family. He is the saviour of the family

The head, saves, protects and It directs the family. It is the deposit area of thinking.

The father plans, leads, and guide the whole family. He rules in the family

If the husband is not allow to perform his duty it is like boarding a vehicle with a blind driver.

It is actually true that we have women who are good in the administration of the family yes , that is their duty they have to perform. They must coordinate the family with their love and intimacy distributing the available resources in the family as the family economists

The role of ruler should not be taken away from the husband

The husband gives, plans, and guides the family.

The husband must provide for the need of his family. While the wife distribute the resources provided by the husband.

Husband also plan for the family and guide the family. It does not mean that the wife and children will not join in the planning. Wife and children must be consulted so that they will give advice when necessary.

Father should not allow his wife to suffer. He must not allow his children to beg for food. All necessary provisions should be made for the smooth running of the family.


(3) Hands In The Family.

Father, mother and children are the hands in the family.

The husband work to earn income and gives out money for the smooth running of the family.

The wife must also work hard to provide for the family. Don’t wait and expect your husband to provide everything you must work hard and assist your husband.

The children are also hands they must do their own duty in the family. They must also provide for the family especially when the parents are old.


(4) Ingredients Of Love In The Family

(i) Wife unparalleled beauty

(ii) The wife must seek to

please her husband at all times. She must be obedient to the husband, provide delicious meals for the family, she must satisfy the husband in bed, she should not deny her husband any part if her body.

(iii) She must be compatible

she should dress well to the satisfaction of her husband.

(iv) She must be quiet and meek not lousy and not arrogant.

(v) She must have a trusting disposition. The husband and children must be able to trust her.

(vi) She must have a submissive character to the guidance of her husband

(vii) Her tongue must be respective, her words must be encouraging seasoned with salt. Her tongue must not be a razor blade that will cut people into pieces.

(5) Husband’s Unimaginable Support.

(i) The husband must defend, uphold, encourage and support the family especially the wife.

(ii) He must be faithful to marriage ethics, he must be vibrant not a lazy indolent husband

(iii) He must be bold, confident, strong and a man of vision.

(iv) He must have vision of hope for the family

(v) He must have vision of good health for the family

(vi) He must have vision of honour for the family

(vii) He must have vision of helpfulness for the family

(viii) He must have vision of holiness for the family.


(6) Living An Overcoming Life In The Family.

Before a family can flourish, the family must overcome the power of Satan and his agents, it must overcome the world, the family must overcome sin and also overcome flesh.

1Jn 5:4 For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.

The only person that can overcome the world is the person that have Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

If you are gentle, quiet, easy going and morally alright, you can not live an overcoming life

If you are bad, arrogant, trouble maker and people are afraid of you, you cannot live an overcoming life.

Only people inside Jesus Christ can life an overcoming life both physically and spiritually.

(i) Meaning of an overcoming life.

A person is said to live an overcoming life when he is successful physically and also spiritually despite hindrances.

Such a person will be economically buoyant, Healthy physically, and free from any affliction of Satan, Socially and intellectually such a person must be good.

An overcoming life torches every area of human life. Not that alone, it is a type of life that must influence others for good.

A teacher that has master of science in mathematics has twenty students in the class in a secondary school. After taking Secondary School Leaving Certificate Examination only four passed such a teacher succeeded on his own life but his success did not have any good implication on his students.

So before anyone can claim to have live an overcoming life, his life must have influenced majority of people around him for good..

A father is born again and he is serving God while his children are cultist, he is leaving a defeated life . He is not an over comer.

A soldier went to battle with ten soldiers he lost all of them in the battle but he comes home alive, he is not an over comer.

Jesus has finished the whole fight on Calvary He has overcome . We are not going to fight we are just to remain inside Jesus Christ . That is our victory

James chapter 4 verse 7 says, ‘Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you’.

If you refuse to submit to God and you face Satan or resist him, he will cut you into pieces.

(ii) How to submit to God
Confess your sins unto God
Repent from all sins
Accept Jesus the sacrificial lamb of God as your Lord and Saviour
Tell Jesus to come and reign in your life
Promise that you will not go into sin again. Then pray unto God.

The moment you start this new journey you are an over comer all you need to do is continue to server God through Jesus and join a Bible believing church for edification.

(iii) The enemies we are contending with

(a) Satan

He tempt people to do evil and send his agents at times.

He instigate people to do evil. After doing evil, the person that has committed the evil, will become sorrowful and continue to ask himself when did I do this evil.

He is ready to destroy people

He puts hatred, jealousy and the likes in people.

(b) The world

We are also contending with the world
The bad company of the world, government approved sin, the sinful entertainment of the world, sinful culture and dressings of the world, opinions of the world that contradict the commandments of God.
All of them will debar someone from living an overcoming life.

(c) Sin and self

We must shun sin and disallow self to push us to sin

First book of John chapter 1 verse 15  ‘Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 
16  For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

 17  And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever’.

(iv) Advice to a would be over comer

(a) Grow in the three basic Christian experiences :- Salvation, Sanctification and Baptism in the Holy Spirit.

(b) Grow in your prayer life
Quiet time early in the morning when you read a verse of the Bible, meditate on it and pray. Make it quiet and wait on God may be He will speak to you.

(c)Family devotion when you gathers all your family member for morning devotion. You sing praises, read Bible and pray.

(d) Monitor your steps so that you don’t commit sin and keep praying in your mind as you go about your daily job.

(e) Rely on God for everything, pray and God will give you favour in the site of everyone . People will like you and you will keep on receiving their favour.

(f) Fast and pray. When things are tough , don’t commit sin.

(g) Be courageous even in the roughest time

(h) Always pray and ask God what to do, when you are confused or enemies are after you.

(i ) Be watchful don’t take anything for granted.


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