It is not surprising, that many homes face many problems in the early stage of their marriage. 

Out of about hundred Christian families we can have maybe about ten having issues of unfaithfulness, dwindling love, quarrels and broken homes. Further investigations will also reveal that their salvation is not genuine.

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A Christian family is a family where the husband and wife are genuinely born again. Issues of fighting, unfaithfulness, denial of sex , spending more time with other women or men outside will not occur.

If there are bad habits for example, snoring or the wife did not know how to dress up and look attractive, or unable to cook delicious meals for the husband such husband will endure and patiently train his wife to keep up to scratch.

A Christian wife will also be ready to learn and after some years of marriage the problem will be over.

In the families of people who do not know Christ, out of about hundred families , their will be problems in ninety homes.

Many of the proprietor and proprietress of nursery and primary schools. Always lose huge amount of money due to broken homes.

When it is time to collect school fees, you will start to hear different type of stories; that woman’s husband has abandoned her and marry another woman making it difficult to get money to pay for the school fees.

Many of them have single parent because one had died being charmed or by contacting sexually transmitted diseases, some are being poisoned.

The following are some of the unfaithfulness that spring up among non-Christian families.

(1) Husband having affairs with her wife’s junior sister, mother, friend, neighbour. In some serious cases their own daughter or even animals.

(2) Husband not coming home on time after the days work. Some go out with other women to film house, hotels and other places of attraction thereby denying their wives the necessary love and affections thereby making life miserable for the women.

(3) There are women that have married and have two or more children before they separated and marry another man. They will continue to have sex with the divorced man sometimes they share nude pictures and the worst of all say bad things about the present husband always making his matter the talk of the day. It happens in the other way round too.

(4) A sinful man will not keep his marriage vow every now and then he gets attracted to other women outside and love to his wife continue to dwindle until it vanishes away. The end result is frequent quarrels, fighting and final separation.

(5) Some of these men will not want their wives to work for reasons best known to them at the end they will not take care of their wives urgent and long time needs. The woman will continue to suffer until one day the man will found another woman and send the former away.

(6) Some men have taken the social media to replace their wives. They don’t have time for their wives any longer they are always using the internet, browsing sending and receiving immoral messages, video and chats.

(7) There are others who resulted into polygamy, they marry as many as they could not take care of .Each of the wives start struggling to fend for themselves. This is not the will of God for our women.



The journey of marriage should start many years before the actual marriage.

Have it in mind that you are going to marry a genuinely born again man if you are a woman and if you are a man you will marry a genuinely born again woman.

You will have a peaceful family and if you are lucky you will have God-fearing children as well.

Many years before you marry, give yourself to Christ and become a genuine Christian.

Then determine in your mind that you are going to marry a born again Christian.

As a man you must know that the wife is an instrument in your hand. If you maintain it well, it will last for you. If you know how to use this instrument it will produce the best result.

It is not good for a man to be complaining of his wife . He should take it that whatever fault the woman has its his own fault. Because God has given him everything needed to get the best out of the woman.

You must also know the plan of God for marriage, purpose of marriage and steps to be taking and requirements of marriage and ready to follow and do them.

The man should show love to his wife, carry her along in the family issues, let her have a say in family matters.

If the wife is the difficult to control type, he should use the wisdom of God, patient and humility to control her. A good husband will not use force for force, abuse for abuse, fight for fight . He is careful, praying and meditating in the word of God. He asks for Gods wisdom and apply it in his home.

He and his family also continues in the Lord so that Satan will not have a temple in his house and the agents of Satan will not be able to penetrate.

He that is born of God will not sin because the spirit of God is living inside him. THE BEGINNING OF A SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE

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