The family is a very important aspect of human life.

SO, it affects the life of individuals, families, nations and the world at large.



A family is a group of people related by blood.

There are different types of families namely :- Nuclear and Extended family.

Nuclear family consists of father mother and their children

Also we can define it as consisting the father his wives and their children .

The extended family consists of the members of the nuclear family

And others like grandfather, mother, nephew, cousins, aunties and uncles etc.

In this post, I will concentrate on the members of the nuclear family.because, charity begins at home.

If our immediate family is good, it will affect members of the extended family and every other person in general.

A good family is a family that:

(1) Love one another.

(2) Help one another.

(3) Have sufficient skill and ability.

(4) They are effective.

(5) Hard working.

(6) Contented,

(7) Work towards the good of themselves and others,

(8) Won’t hurt other people,

(9) Live peacefully with other people,

(10) Have good name and maintain the good name,

(11) Do not engaged in social vices,

(12) Live exemplary live and encourage others to do so .

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When a child is given birth to.

He did not know anything about himself.

His parents and the environment.

Through training, watching other people exemplary life, through practices and learning from his own mistakes.

This will make him become conversant with what is going on in his environments.

He or she grows up and make his or her own contributions to the-development-of the nation.

For our family to be good there are things we must learn and put into practice.

An untrained father, mother or child will become a problem to the family.

A family needs knowledge wisdom and understanding.

Knowledge is the ability to know about something or acquisition of facts.

Understanding is the ability to accurately interpret the facts.

Wisdom is the ability to apply the facts.

So members of the family must know what is going on around them, interpret and make good use of it.

They must not allow negative circumstances get rid of them.

Most of the time, some people sincerely do their best for their family.

But their best will give little result because of things they suppose to take care of which they have neglected.

This post is going to show us and our children how we will develop ourselves right from infant to adulthood.

So on until one day that we will look back and rejoice over the family that God has help us to build,



A child is a blessing to the family.

Even though God has given him the basic things he needs to succeed in life yet he is without any knowledge of his environment.

So he has to learn from himself and from people around him .

This he does by taking note of his mistakes and correcting them by watching how others do things

By studying in the school and attending places of worship. Seminars, conventions, and workshops.

As he grows up, he started to watch how people around him behave, talk, and do things.

He started to imitate them in whatever they are doing.

The makes lots of mistakes. He got scolded and beaten a times.

This period when the child does not know anything, the parents must be: watchful, controlling and guiding the child.

To build a good home our children must be thoroughly monitored.

In the infant stage, children unknowingly do some things that hurt them and cause blemishes in their body.

These blemishes disfigure them and such blemishes remain until old age.

In adult stage they will blame their parents for not taking proper care of them, anytime they remember

This in turn will make them to develop hatred towards their parents.

The first thing in the life of children is for the parents to monitor them and protect them.

Because it is the period when they cannot take care of themselves.

The parents have a very big role to play at this period.

Parents should show great affection, they must be kind and loving.

This in turn will help the children to love the parents and obey them.

The necessities of life should be giving as at when due: food, clothing, house, pocket-money etc

They should be assisted and trained in such a way that they will not be looking elsewhere when in need of anything.

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