The period between childhood and maturity is the period when children learn a lot.

Children’s care is very important at this time.

The children’s environment must be very neat and free from dangerous objects.

The parents must be monitoring the children and makes sure that what they are exposed to is what can shape their life in the right direction.

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If the children are having lots of evil people around them, the likelihood of becoming evil is there.

Sometimes, it is advisable for parents to change their children from bad environment to good one.

Most especially, when the children are not with their parents.

Another important thing is that the children learns a lot at this stage.

They ask questions which the parents must answer.

The children watches the behavior of their parents.

They wants to know if the parents are doing what they ask them not to do. and why they are doing it.

A child compares his parents to other parents outside.

The child thinks of the universe, all the vast resources that God had created.

As he wants to explore the benefits that nature has provided, he seeks advice from his parents and other people outside.

He studies everyone around him both the successful people and the unsuccessful people.

He tries to find out the reasons for their success and failures respectively.

Many parents at this stage fail to move closer to their children and trained them from their wealth of experiences.


Some people use to overlook whatever the infants are doing believing that when they grow up, they will correct themselves.

This idea is wrong. We should start to correct them as early as possible.

As parents, our children should be our best friends.

They will be able to tell us their mind and ask questions when the need arises.

We should endeavor to ask them questions on things going on around us.

If they give us wrong answer or have wrong approach to problems, we will be able to guide them through.

We should try to know when they are happy or sad.

We should let them know that life is full of up and down and that we should face life with courage.

They should not be dejected or weak but cheerfully pursuing the business of each day.

A cheerful person in the mist of problem has already overcome half of his problems.

Their education must not lack behind from primary to university.

such child should be advised not to keep bad company, he or she should be taught the way of the lord.

Many years back, our parents told us many stories that really shaped our behavior.

some of those stories were not true but they created fear in us that we will not like to do bad because of its consequences.


At this point, the child takes decisions either temporary or permanent decisions.

for example ,if he comes from a polygamous family and there is fighting and quarreling in the home.

He can decide that when he grow up he will marry only one wife and that he will not fight his wife.

If he did not like the behavior of his parents one way or the other he might decide that he will not behave in such a way.

Anyone who want to have a good future and build a good family takes the decision to do so right from the early stage of his life.

Some good decisions that can help us are as follows:

I will not beat my wife, I will provide for the need of my family,

God will be number one in my family, I will carry my wife and children along on everything we are to do in the family,

I will protect members of my family, I will not do anything that will stain our family name.

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