Clean talk anti – spam is the official website of the developers of CLEAN TALK ANTI –  SPAM PLUGIN.

Clean talk anti – spam plugin is an excellent plugin that helped block and stop spams on WordPress websites and in many other types of websites.

Just of recent one of the visitors to my website was asking me how he will be able to protect his website from spam.

He made me to understand that he is having sleepless night dealing with spam.

Before I start to use CLEAN TALK anti spam, I faced  lots of problems from the influx of spams into my website.

I started receiving warning messages from Google webmaster and many others.

Do you know that Sometimes I was faced with the challenges of having to delete thousands of spam before I started using clean talk anti – spam plugin

As I was deleting some spams many more are being registered.

I started to find out the solution to my problems. I also tried many plugins but the problems still remain. ( I will not like to mention those plugins )

Finally I came across CLEAN TALK anti – spam plugin . I read something about clean talk that make me interested to test the plugin.

The clean talk anti – spam plugin

To be brief, since I have been using clean talk, I have rest of mind. I paid small amount of money and I was given some months bonus. Thanks to clean talk.

I am therefore recommending this plugin for whosoever is having the problems of spam on his or her website.

Clean Talk Anti – Spam plugin is one of the best plugin for protection against spam.

There are many other services that they can render just visit the site using one of the links provided.

You will register and subscribe to their spam protection service. Every other information will be provided for you.

For more information on how to install or set up the plugin, you can contact me by writing your comment on this blog or send an e-mail to


Stops spam comments.

Stops spam registrations.

Stops spam contact emails.

Stops spam orders.

Stops spam bookings.

Stops spam subscriptions.

Stops spam surveys, polls.

Stops spam in widgets.

Stops spam in WooCommerce.

Checks and removes the existing spam comments and spam users.

Compatible with mobile users and devices.

Compatible with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU).

Real-time email validation. Is email real or Not.

Blocking disposable & temporary emails.

No Spam – No Google Penalties.

Give your SEO boost.

Mobile friendly Anti Spam & FireWall.

CleanTalk uses protection methods that are invisible to the website visitors.

Connecting to the service eliminates any needs of CAPTCHA, questions and answers, and other methods of protection that complicate the exchange of information on your website.

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