Steps to starting your own business

(1) It is assumed that you already know the business that you will do.

(2) Look for suitable place where you can establish your business.

Steps to establishing your own business

(3) Gather information and materials to start with.

(4) Find market for your products.

Steps to establishing your own business

The first step to take for a would be entrepreneur is to have a business in mind here it is assumed that he has done that primary assignment. I

The next step is to look for a suitable place where he can establish his small scale company considering nearness to raw material, customers staff and other important factors.

After that you must gather information and material relevant for the early stage of the business.

You must be careful though on your choice of location, materials and workers some business in the early stage did not need more than 1 to 5 workers so that payments of their salary will not be difficult if it is the one you can handle alone for the main time It is also a welcomed idea.

The next thing is to find market for the product relating with people , advertising , promos and branding are some of the ways to attract customers to your business.

Steps to establishing your own business

Characters that must be find in you.

(1) Hard working

(2) Faithfulness

(3) Good human relationship.

(4) Wise selection of workers.

(5) Providing prompt service.

(6) Endurance.

(7) Finance management.

(8) Maintenance culture

(9) Regular upgrading of business and product.

(10) Payment of taxes and acquisition of business permits or registration of company


Steps to establishing your own business

Hard Work.
A business owner must be hard working especially In the early stage of the business this time he did not have enough money to hire experts or workers he does most of the work all by himself.

When the company start to produce he or she must be faithful In the type of measurement used.

The measurement must be standard he or she should not cheat customers. The quality of the product must be standard and must continue to improve.

The price must be stable and affordable. He or she must be a reliable boss to the workers.

He must also have good human relation to the customer and member of staff any time he or she wants to employ workers, he must use wisdom and pray

His service must also be prompt he should not disappoint his customers

Sometimes negative circumstance will brewed in. He or she must be able to endure.

He must know how to manage finance.

If money is well managed the company will grow faster and will not run into debt and closed down.

He or she must be able to maintain his business. That is the physical structure, tools and machines this will prevent wasteful spending and make the business to continue profitably growing from one level to another and from one standard to another.

Finally the company should be registered.

In some countries, you can start your company before you will register the company and collect necessary approval letters.

Taxes should also be paid so that the government will not close down the company.

In conclusion either you are a professional or not it is more rewarding to start your own business than waiting for the government to provide white collar job for you.
Many people has done it you can do it.

Find out from what successful people how they had done it and read about those who you can not get in touch with

Thanks God will prosper your way.

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