Family cooperation is a very important topic that cannot be over emphasized.

Beside that, It is so wide that it cannot be covered with just few words.

But I am only reminding you because of its importance.

The family is like our physical body.

That has parts and works systematically in form of a repeated mechanism.

Because it works as a system, a circle or mechanism.

If any part of the body fails to perform its duty, the whole body will suffer.

For cooperation to continue in the family, each member of the family must perform its own duty.

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To achieve family cooperation, each member of the family must do the following:

(1) Perform individual respinsibilities.

The father must fulfill his responsibilities of providing food, shelter and clothing.

Mother must make sure that food is ready as at when due and prepare for their children to go to school.

Also the children must not fail to do what is in their capacity to do for the family.

(2) Filling the gap.

If any member of the family is unable to perform his or her duty, other member should assist.

They must help one another so as to remain united and strong.

(3) Having things in common.

Both husband and wife must have things in common.

Since God has joined them together whatever one of them has, belong to all the family members.

The general belief, is that the husband takes care of all the finances in the family.

But in a situation where the husband is not buoyant financially, the wife can assist him.

She must however help him with respect and total submission.

She should not lords it over the husband.

(4) Talents.

Again, individual talents must be put into consideration.

Individuals in the family have some talents that God has deposited in his or her life.

They must developed and use the talents for the growth and development of the family.

(5) Get inspirations from others.

There are many families out there that their lives are worthy of emulation.

These families should serve as inspirations for our family.

The love, care, cooperation, assistance in their family.

And how they promote their own good image.

Must inspire us to do thesame thing in our family.

(6) Satisfying the desire of the family.

All the members should work to satisfy the desire of the whole group and not their own selfish desire.

When one of the couples is going outside drinking and flirting, there cannot be cooperation in the family.

(7) Total submission.

Another way to achieve family cooperation is total submision to one and another.

The husband should surrender himself to the wife so also the wife should surrender herself.

They should play together, sleep together and make love together.

They should be together most of the time.

Also issues concerning the family must also be discussed together.

They should not give anybody chance to scatter them.

(8) Endurance.

Coupled with the above, enduring for one another is also very important.

When one is unable to do his or her duty due to sickness,or weakness of the body, they should be able to endure for one another.

So in everything the life of their partner must be number one.

Not the benefit that they can derive from their partner.

(9) Praying together as a family.

Apart from the individual prayer, the family should pray together.

This has remain one of the most important way of fostering unity and cooperation in the family.

(10) Forgiveness.

Most importantly forgiveness also occupies important place in achieving family cooperation.

Differences in the family should be settled amicably.

Each member of the family should be able to say sorry anytime one offends the other.

Above all family cooperatio is a joint responsibility. No member of the family should fail to perform his or her duty.

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