Family importance in the large society cannot be over emphasised. Without cooperation we can not move forward in the society nation or world at large.

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The family is so important because of the numerous contributions it can offer for the community.

The family is part of the large society. A family cannot be an island on her own, she must relate with other families that form the society without family there will be no society or nation.

Family importance in the large society demand that we shun intimidation, hatred, wars and all other form of wickedness live peacebly and move our nations forward.

The world consists of families with different: opinion, believes, culture, tradition, goals and aspirations. The tendencies are there that they trampled upon one others feet as they pursue their daily activities. To achieve the most needed development in the atmosphere of peace, there are some guiding principles that must be followed such as;

Obey the rules of the society.

Each families of the world must obey the rules of the society to allow for the smooth running of activities in the society and prevent some people from serving as nuisance to others.

Family members must be ready to serve their nation.

Whenever any member is called upon to serve the nation they should be ready to do so especially in the area of security and peace.

Take part in developmental projects.

Taking part in any developmental project that members of the community had decided to do, so as to make life better for them is very important. No family should hide from this responsibility since it is for the benefits of everyone.

They must be patient.

Each family must be patient one with the other the way you view an issue may be different from how another person sees it. Each of the contrary opinions might be good opinion. If you are not patient, it can lead to argument, war of word or physical assault which will truncate the peace of the society.

Respect others view and opinion.

We must respect others views and opinions. Every opinion must be debated upon and the one that has the highest number of support taken. This will in a larger way foster unity and cooperation in the society.

Earn a good name for yourself.

A good name is better than lots of riches, don’t take part in social vices that will spoil the name of your family. This will earn you the much needed respects in the society.

Don’t be violent.

Don’t use force to get what you need so that you will not serve as problem unto others. If you have been denied of your right, you can seek redress in the law court or allow third party to intervene and settle it for you.

Help the physically disabled.
As a good family, make sure you take part in helping the physically challenged people in the environment.

Don’t discriminate.

There should not be discrimination of any kind .Every member of the community must treat others as equal despite, age, education, racial or social differences. This does not rule out the idea that the young should respect the older people and so on.

Don’t take law into your hand.

In a situation whereby someone committed a grievous offense against you, you must not take law into your hand .Take the matter into court and allow the court to punish the offender.


Each family of the world is important as the others a family in the large society must respect the law, perform her civic responsibilities, contribute to the growth of the nation, help those it can help either financially, or spiritually. As you do all these there will be peace and the society will be a good place for us to live.

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