Health Risks Among Women


Health risks among women.
This refer to different things women do that endanger their normal healthy condition.

Malnutrition, overeating, poor hygiene, lack of physical exercise and lack of regular medical check up, are some of the health risk taken by women.

Other health risks taken by our women are: worry and anxiety, stress, self medication, giving wrong report to medical personnel, fighting and quarrelling in the family, just to mention a few.

It is obvious that majority of women especially the nursing mothers complaints of ill-health, this be because of malnutrition.

Malnutrition is one of the health risk among women. It is a situation whereby a woman did not eat adequately.

If the food eating by an individual lacks the essential nutrients it is called malnutrition.

Another name for it is eating unbalanced diet that means the food did not contain the essential ingredients in their normal proportions.

Malnutrition can have adverse effect on the physical and emotional well-being.

The signs of malnutrition include:- Fatigue, low energy, dizziness, poor immune function, dry and scaly skin, swollen and bleeding gum, decaying teeth, under weight, poor growth, muscle weakness, bloated stomach, fragile bones, problems with the organ function

A pregnant and malnourished woman is likely to give birth to a baby that weigh less and have lower chance of survival and stunted growth.

Malnutrition can cause blindness, infections and mental problems.


Apart from malnutrition, overeating is another cause of health problems.
Overeating causes high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, major depression, kidney disease to mention a few

Another health risk taken by women is poor hygiene.

Poor hygiene is the situation where by women refuse to make their environment and body clean.

Failure of our women, to wash their hair and hands, trim their finger nails, dispose sanitary pad, bath, wear deodorant and keeping their clothes clean.

Poor hygiene will lead to body odour, bad breath, dental decay, general illness, infection in the urinary track, boils, ring worm, body lice influenza depression, it can lead to being ostracized by family, friends and the society.

It is obvious that our body naturally harbours bacterial thus if they are allowed to build up, they become harmful to the individual and others.

Unhygienic environment is also a treat to personal health; overgrown lawn, dirty ponds and gutters, overflowing waste bins or Garbage, unwashed toilets, bathrooms, and plates, dusty chairs, tables and cabinets and untidy home.


Another health risk among women is lack of physical exercise.

Despite the fact that Daily physical exercise prevent heart disease and stroke.
It also reduces high blood pressure, prevents and control diabetes. It also reduce body fat.


The body must be given proper medical tests regularly.
Without this it will be easy for infection or illness to take over the body and it will be difficult to remove such wide-spread infection and illness.

Worry and anxiety also disturb the normal body systems. It makes the body systems work abnormally thereby posing a risk to the woman.

Stress, self medication, giving wrong report to medical personnel and fighting in the family are other health risks among women.

Many of our women belaboured themselves.
Others give wrong report when been interviewed. Sickness that started a week ago some women will tell doctor that it started yesterday to avoid blame.

Many of our women are addicted to fighting and quarrelling in the house.
Even though the husband might be at fault, They should remember that fighting and quarrelling will affect their health.

therefore our women should take their health as number one priority.
They need to protect and obey all the medical advice given to them so that they will be able to live long and train their children and assist their husband for the tigress of the family.

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