Marriage is a beautiful experience that nearly every human being want to have because of its numerous benefits .It is unfortunate that many girls have difficulties in getting married. Some girls are lucky enough to get their husbands early in life while some could not get theirs even in their forties and fifties.

Some might happen naturally while others might be due to one cause or the other like the reasons mentioned below.


(1) Untidy behaviour.
There are some untidy behaviours like:- biting nails, spitting , nose picking, etc. that make girls look unattractive to boys.

(2) Peer group.
Associating with bad peer group makes a good girl lose credit among her male counterpart.

(3) Flirting.

A matured man will not like to marry a second-hand woman especially when it has become the lady’s habitual practice to run after men . They will use her and dumped her.

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(4) Closeness to men.

If a girl has too many men as close friends. Those who are interested to marry her will not know how to go about it and she might lose her future husband.

(5) Sickness.

Periodic sickness may drive away men .They will count it as liability.

(6) Rude behaviour.

Majority of men will not like to marry a girl who is rude.

(7) Illiteracy.

Many men will not want an illiterate wife. It is always good for girls to be literate.

(8) Curses.

Curse is another thing that can hinder a girl from getting married. They will be covered by some evil powers that men will not see them. ( spiritual ).

(9) Laziness.

Laziness is another cause of late marriage among spinsters it can hinder a girl from getting married unless if she is not detected before marriage.

(10) Indecision.
Many girls have opportunities but unable to make good use of them because of indecision they will keep on refusing men until it will be too late for them.

(11) Impatient.

There are others who are too in hurry .They end up picking wrong partners and having unhappy married life or broken home.

(12) Family influence.

In some cases family members will not allow girls to marry whosoever they like they will thereby make them lose their golden opportunities.

(13) Religious belief.

Another cause of late marriage among spinster is that some religions forbid marriage, some set minimum age after which a girl can get married, some will not allow members to marry outside the religion these cause I’ll luck for some girls.

(14) Prayer less ness.

Majority of people on earth pray to God . It is a common belief that prayer is the solution to problems. Anyone who can pray will surely receive her request.

(15) Social Vices.

There are social vices like stealing, fighting, forgery, cultish etc that stand on the way of women getting married. A man who want to live a peaceful life will not want to go for any of such women.


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