Settling family conflicts is very important if conflicts are not resolved they can escalate and cause problems to the family ,community and the human race in general.

Family life is a learning experience that will continue for life. Couples must study one another behavior and habits and adjust where necessary with love, humility, patience and temperance.
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As the couple lives day-to-day, offences will come in the area of: finance, food, and time management, and work life, differences in tribal practices, wrong notions and interference from the extended families.

All their differences must be handled with care.

The family should cooperate in tackling the issues of their family and family projects e.g. education of children, provision of essential commodities in the home, building of house or factories etc.

The wife should stand with the husband to give necessary support and advise .when the man is handling all the important projects of the family.

The man should take care of the health of his family members.
The couples should show love to their children and be good examples for them to follow.

Before we discus how to settle conflicts in the family , let us mention some of the causes of conflicts.


causes of conflicts

Conflicts come into the home when one of the couples gives devil a place in his or her heart.

When one refuses to cleave unto the other, when there is worldliness ,when love is lost between them, when there is pride, childlessness, lack of submission on the part of the wife, improper money management, demonic intrusion and unfaithfulness.

Settling conflicts in the family, may not be rampant in some families.
Couples that marry in the Christian way for example are not likely to have many conflicts. If there is any, it can be solved easily.

The first thing a couple should do is to give God chance. They should give their life to Christ; have the fruit of the spirit: love, kindness, humility, obedience, respect, long-suffering and forgiving spirit to mention a few.

All these will prevent offences and cover offences when they occur. What I am saying is many offences will be overlooked.

The husband and wife must love one another and practically express this love .This will prevent any one of them from straying away to worldliness, immorality, or hatred of the partner.

Before marriage, couples should go to the hospital and check their compatibility.

If they are compatible, they will not have much problem like sickness, barrenness and giving birth to abnormal children.

This will help in a long way to prevent offences from springing up.

The wife should be very good in home management.
She should know how to; prepare food, how to manage money and give the family all the necessities of life that the man has paid for.

If she can do this the husband will love her more than she can ever imagine. Thus she will be faultless and the home will be peaceful.

The couples should commit their way unto God.

When there is problem they should not go to people in the kingdom of darkness to solve their problem.

If they do so, they might be inviting devil into their home which will eventually lead to the fall of the family.

Coupled with the above, they should be mindful and watchful of the type of house-maid they will take so that she will not be the gate way through wish Satan or demonic power will come in.

In conclusion let God be number one in your family. Do all things in love, watch and pray. God bless you all. Thanks.

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