Successful marriage
Is a journey that always starts many years before the actual marriage.It starts during the adolescent stage of life.

whatsoever a man learns during the this stage will help him to have a good marriage.

It will also assist him to know how to take care of his family members.

Most importantly, before a man can think of marriage,he must have a good job

He must be financially strong so as to be able to provide the basic necessity of life for his family members.

Despite that he must also learn how to live peacefully with his partner.

Such an adult must read books and watch videos of successful families, and take note of how they managed to live together peacefully and overcame their problems.

Books on successful marriage

There is every opportunity for him to attend marriage seminars conventions, and even go to court sometimes to listen to marriage issues.

Whatever he learns from all or some of these places will help him raise his family successfully.

There are some practical things that he has to take note of, and put into practice.

To have a good marriage
He must be careful of the friends he moves with .Moving with bad friends can destroy his ambition of building good home.

Beside that he must be careful in his choice of woman so that they will be able to live peacefully all the days of their life.

Such a man must not just be proposing to any dick and Harry, He must not be picking and dropping girls because they will do all they can to spoil his marriage.If he fail to marry them.

A girl also, will not agree to marriage proposals from many men at thermae time. To avoid trouble.

He must also be contented with his wife, He must not look elsewhere. so that his love for his family will not diminish.

Is an example of a successful marriage It is a lifelong union.

Mature boys and girls are often at lost on :

[1] When to marry.

[2] The person to marry.

[3] Preparations preceding marriage.

[4] Character of the would be husband or wife.

[5] Acceptable mode of dressing.

[6] How to interact with the opposite sex.

[7] Family influence.

[8] Peer groups influence.

[9] Friends and the couples counselors.

[10] Family purse.

[11] likes and dislikes.

[12] Method of approach.

[13] Habits .Etc

Marriage and family life is a warfare.
Many families have fallen.
Only those that stand in the lord are victorious.

Those that did not stand in the lord, end up in: spiritual loss, frustration, disappointment, unfaithfulness, sorrow, painful separation, life goals aborted, ministries cut short, joy ruined, and life destroyed.

It is God’s plan and program from the beginning,

It is divinely ordained,
It helps to preserve holiness and purity,

It provided the needed: fellowship, comfort, companionship, and partnership.

It also complements Gods work of procreation.


Marriage must not be: selfish immature decision, unguided imitation, fruitless conclusion or religious compulsion.

A Christian going into marriage must: pray, meditate in God’s word and avoid been misled by: counselors, friends, family, and family planning clinics.

The journey of a successful Marriage begins with a sense of need or desire in an individual’s life. When this happened, the person must pray for Gods guidance.

After knowing the will of God. The following steps should be taken:

Inform your pastor, see the marriage committee if there is any. Seek parental consent. You will now have opportunity to continue with courtship.

The period between knowing the will of God and marriage is called courtship.

During courtship, the intending couple knows one another through regular praying and discussion.

They talk on issues like: money management, career after marriage, bearing and rearing children, type of accommodation etc.

Good virtue that is essential this time is: openness on one another’s past, holiness should be central and prayer should not be relegated.

Any issue they cannot solve within themselves should be referred to their pastor who will take appropriate action.

Christian engagement and wedding is the next thing. During engagement, flesh and worldliness, should not be displayed .Deception, deceit in jokes and foreign lies should not be allowed.

Anything that has to do with idolatry must not be used.
Worldly dressing must not be used. We should always ask ourselves will Jesus be happy with me if he should come on my wedding day.

During engagement, bride price is paid followed by marriage on that day or another chosen day depending on the couple’s, the family members and the minister’s joint decision.

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