Difficult situations or troubled times are times of crisis, chaotic times, tough or stressful times. They are times when things are not conducive for health, economy, progress and peace.


Facing a difficult situations does not mean that an individual is not up and doing.
Anyone can face a difficult time either rich or poor,young or old.

A person can be the cause of his own difficult time.
In some situation it is caused by other people for example neighbors, family members or the government of the day.
Nature also can bring difficult situation inform of natural disaster or epidemics.

It is not possible for anyone in this life to live a life that is free from up and downs. But the way we respond to difficult situations really defines the type of person we are.

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It may not be easy but, let me tell you that many people have turned their trying times to fortune. Bad experience sometimes is a training period which when you pass through it, you have an edge over others.


(1) Oppression.
This can come from an individual or group.

(2) Denial of right.
The family can denies us our right or even the government of the day.

(3) Wrong partnership.
Partners in business can dupe us.

(4) Wrong planning.
If we did not plan well things can hit the rock.

(5) Ill health.
Sickness can make life difficult especially prolonged ones.

(6) Wrong advice.
When we follow wrong advice or when we fail to seek for advice when necessary we can have difficult time.

(7) Inheritance.
Sometimes difficult times are inherited from parents.

(8) ill luck.
Some people are victims of bad luck. Everything good will always elude them.

(9) Loss of job.
When people loose their job or when they are not paid for along time or when payments are not regular it result to trying times.

(10) Fighting or quarrelling in the family.
when family members are not united. Quarreling every now and then will drive away peace, progress, good health and wealth

If these situations are not properly addressed, It can lead to worry and anxiey then sickness and finally death.



(1) Legal action.
When we are being denied our right. We can inform influential people in the community to help us ask for our right. If that method fail we can go to court.
In some situations, we have to overlook it. It is no every right one can fight for and succeed

(2) Carefulness.
We must be careful with the type of person we partner with in business.

(3) Proper planning.
Proper planning is very necessary for us to succeed in our endeavors.

(4) Cheerfulness.
When we are faced with prolonged sickness, accident or any natural disaster. We must be cheerful. We should not allow the situation to weigh us down
By so doing, we get over the problem

(5) Ask for Gods intervention.
In situations when human help fails. We should ask God to intervene with fasting and prayer the inherited problem will automatically stop in the family.

(6) Counseling.
We should always seek for counseling from qualify hands during period of crisis this will help us to get back to our feet.

(7) Start your own business.
If you loose your job, start your own. There are businesses you can start with little amount of money in no time, you can change to another and even employ other people to work for you.

(8) Promote love and unity in your home.
Avoid fighting and quarreling. Be patient with your partner, endure many things, have focus that you will not allow anything to hinder the peace and progress of your family.

(10) Adjust your spending. During difficult times reduce your spending on food, shelter and clothing. Don’t spend money on unnecessary things look out for alternative ways of making more income. Read my post on conflicts in the home causes and solution.

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