Property Purchasing Tips

PROPERTY PURCHASING TIPS Acquiring information about how to acquire a residence in the real estate marketplace, may be very helpful to some homebuyers. Without information and facts, you could find yourself with an impossible mortgage. And a faltering house, as well as a great investment that’s outright dropped. Look at this write-up to get some […]


POWERFUL TONGUE THE DANGER OF MISUSING YOUR TONGUE. The power of your tongue for both good or bad can not be over emphasized. The tongue can bring life or death, joy or sorrow, happiness or sadness, success or failure. It all depends upon how its being used. The tongue can tear a family apart if […]


BROKEN HOMES. BROKEN HOMES CAUSES AND SOLUTIONS. SOLUTION TO MARRIAGE PROBLEMS, UNFAITHFULNESS, ABANDONMENT AND BROKEN HOMES. It is not surprising, that many homes face many problems in the early stage of their marriage.  Out of about hundred Christian families we can have maybe about ten having issues of unfaithfulness, dwindling love, quarrels and broken homes. […]


ONLINE PAYMENT THE EASIEST, MOST RELIABLE WAY TO PAY YOUR ONLINE SUBSCRIPTIONS. To recharge your phone, pay your electricity bills and subscriptions for DSTV, GoTV, Star times,Trend TV and My TV to mention a few. Read more books on family conveniences The most reliable and secure way is Quickteller online payment. The first thing is […]


LATE MARRIAGES AMONG SPINSTERS. Marriage is a beautiful experience that nearly every human being want to have because of its numerous benefits .It is unfortunate that many girls have difficulties in getting married. Some girls are lucky enough to get their husbands early in life while some could not get theirs even in their forties […]


HELPING HANDS Helping hands international is an NGO( NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION) which major aim is charity work,they take care of the less privileged ones,widows, orphans,poor etc.It was founded by Mrs MARC-ELVIS LUZVIMINDA she is a philippino that lives in Japan.She founded h2i to carry out the above listed charity work, reduce poverty,train people freely on […]


BECOME MILLIONAIRE WHO ELSE WANTS TO BECOME MILLIONAIRE THIS YEAR? If you want to be financially free.. Here is my advice. Build your own business. Build your business while you are on a Job. Don’t say you don’t have the time, what the mind can conceive, it can achieve. If you can start with a […]


SURVIVING DIFFICULT SITUATIONS. HOW TO SURVIVE IN DIFFICULT SITUATIONS Difficult situations or troubled times are times of crisis, chaotic times, tough or stressful times. They are times when things are not conducive for health, economy, progress and peace. SURVIVING DIFFICULT SITUATIONS Facing a difficult situations does not mean that an individual is not up and […]


TRAINING DISOBEDIENT CHILDREN Training disobedient children is not something difficult. With determination, life of example, training and prayer, it will be achieved. Disobedient children are children who are not willing to comply with the commands, orders or instructions of those in authority ( Elders, parents, neighbours or those in authorities. ) Those in authority gives […]


FAMILY BALANCED DIET DAILY TABLETS FOR THE FAMILY MEMBERS. GOD is unique in everything he created. He knows what we need and he provided them for us. Every human being is made up of both the body and the spirit. Read more of our books on nutrition FAMILY BALANCED DIET. FEEDING THE BODY AND THE […]


FAMILY IMPORTANCE. FAMILY IMPORTANCE IN THE LARGE SOCIETY Family importance in the large society cannot be over emphasised. Without cooperation we can not move forward in the society nation or world at large. Read more books on the family.  The family is so important because of the numerous contributions it can offer for the community. […]


SETTLING FAMILY CONFLICTS Settling family conflicts is very important if conflicts are not resolved they can escalate and cause problems to the family ,community and the human race in general. Family life is a learning experience that will continue for life. Couples must study one another behavior and habits and adjust where necessary with love, […]


FAMILY COOPERATION. Family cooperation is a very important topic that cannot be over emphasized. Beside that, It is so wide that it cannot be covered with just few words. But I am only reminding you because of its importance. The family is like our physical body. That has parts and works systematically in form of […]


Successful marriage Is a journey that always starts many years before the actual marriage.It starts during the adolescent stage of life. whatsoever a man learns during the this stage will help him to have a good marriage. It will also assist him to know how to take care of his family members. Most importantly, before […]


CHILDREN’S CARE The period between childhood and maturity is the period when children learn a lot. Children’s care is very important at this time. The children’s environment must be very neat and free from dangerous objects. The parents must be monitoring the children and makes sure that what they are exposed to is what can […]


BUILDING GOOD FAMILY The family is a very important aspect of human life. SO, it affects the life of individuals, families, nations and the world at large. BUILDING GOOD FAMILY INTRODUCTION A family is a group of people related by blood. There are different types of families namely :- Nuclear and Extended family. Nuclear family […]

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