The tongue is a useful part of the body and at the same time deadly. It can bring life or death depending on how we make use of it.

To keep our tongue means to be mindful of what we say, at a particular time, in a particular place and to a particular person. What we tell Mr A that earn us praise from him may bring punishment, rebuke or destruction if we say it to Mr B.

The Bible says, he that keeps his tongue keeps his life but whosoever opens his mouth wide shall have destruction.

Hannah used her togue wisely God honour her prayer. Micah Saul’s daughter wife of David misuse her tongue she became barren all the days of her life.


Anyone that keeps his tongue will live a peaceful life, all the days of his life. People can hurt you because of the word of your mouth.

After David had killed Goliath of Gath, the women sang. Their song makes Saul the king to hate David and plan to kill him.

When people ask you question you must be mindful of the answer you give. They are watching you. They may not use the words against you today but in the future, they will use it against you. People are keeping record of what you say.


Your tongue can strengthen others.

You should speak words that will encourage and strengthen others. Don’t use your words to destroy other people. Destructive words you speak with your mouth can make others lose their appetite, it can make them to go and hang themselves. Words are like eggs once you break them they can not be repaired.

It is always good to apply your words to yourself before applying it to others.

Put yourself in their shoes. If you are in their condition, will you be happy if someone address you in such a manner and ways.

Words come from the heart purge your heart of all evils.

Encourage the truth.

Don’t tell lies. Lie telling is another way of misusing our tongue that we need to get rid of, always say the truth. Desist from lie telling.

Tongue send away anger.
When people speak harsh words to you in other to destroy you. Keep silent. In some situations if you keep silent people will use it against you. But in all handle every situation with care.
Words that comes out of our mouth tell other people the type of person we are.
Be careful

In conclusion, we must be mindful if what we say, what we write on social media, in the club, in the church, in the family, in the market etc.

This same tongue makes us stay alive as we use it to eat. We use it to pray and receive answer, we use it to communicate in the work place and every other place. It is an inevitable part of our body its functions can not be over emphasized . How we use it determine what it gives to us. LIFE OR DEATH.

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