Training disobedient children
is not something difficult. With determination, life of example, training and prayer, it will be achieved.

Disobedient children are children who are not willing to comply with the commands, orders or instructions of those in authority ( Elders, parents, neighbours or those in authorities. )

Those in authority gives rules and regulations for the children to follow so that:

(1) They could become acceptable members of the community.

(2) They will live a meaningful life.

(3) They will not become nuisance to others in the community.

(4) They will not spoil the reputation built by their ancestors.

(5) Peace may reign in the community.

(6) There will be desired improvement in every facet of life.

(7) They will not fall into error or mistakes or problems that the elders had discovered through experience.

(8) To hasten their physical and spiritual development.

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Training disobedient children is very important because, there is a spirit behind their disobedience.

The spirit leads them into doing things contrary to the will of their parents, rules and regulations or commands from the elders.


(1) We should not do things that will depress them.

(2) We should not inflict injury on their body.

(3) We should not beat them into a pulp.

(4) We should explain why it not good to do what they have done.

(6) We should teach them good behavior.

(7) Our own life should be good examples for them to follow.

(8) We should teach them the word of God.

(9) We should tell them examples of disobedient children and the aftermath of their disobedience.

(10) Dedicate them to God.

(11) Teach them to honour God.

(12) Teach them how to respect others.

(13) Be closer to them.

(14) Let them know that God is looking at them and evaluating them.

(15) Establish them in Bible believing church.

(16) Encourage them to separate themselves from wayward children.

(17) Let them know that everyone loves them.

(18) Provide for their need.

(19) Teach them how to have compassion and help others.

(20) Praise them when they do good and reward them. Rebuke them when they do bad.


To seal everything up, pray for them. Our children will not be wayward in Jesus name. Amen.

Training disobedient children should be paramount in our lives. Therefore we should start when it is better for us.

It will go a long way to remove 50% of the conflicts in the home.

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