WINNING CHILDREN to God is a teaching for parents, teachers, children workers and pastors.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said, let the children come unto me and do not hinder them because the kingdom of heaven belong unto them. Mark chapter 10 verse 14.

How do we make children come to the Lord?,

It is by preaching to them to leave their sinful state , turn to Jesus Christ and accept Him as their Lord and Saviour. We must bring the children to the saving knowledge of the Lord. They must know Jesus our Lord as :- Messiah, teacher, guide, friend. 2nd King chapter 4 verses 18 to 37. Matthew chapter 18 verses 1 to 14.

Children need to be won because they are born in sin Psalm 51 verse 5.

It is possible to win children. Jonathan Edward gave his life to Christ at the age of seven years. Isaac Watts became a genuine Christian at the age of nine years. Fanny Crosby got born again at the age of eleven years. Those who became genuine Christian today are saved at the age below twenty-one.

Children are easily converted than adults.

Majority of children won continued for their whole life.

If we refuse to win them, Satan will win them and such children will become terror in the future. Luke chapter 5 verse 10. 2nd Timothy chapter 2 verse 26.


We must be born again ourselves. We must live an exemplary life. We are the books they will be reading. They will want to take after us . If we fail in this area the children can not be won except through divine intervention.

We must study the child and know his or her true condition. So as to know how to handle his own condition. Romans chapter 5 verse 12.

We must always pray for them. Our God is the creator. He can remould them as the potter remould his pots.

We must gain personal contract with the child so as to have enough control over him or her and be able to discuss, or talk together.

We must have earnest desire to win them

Through patience and perseverance, we must look unto God to perform the miracle.

We must not give up.



Most husband and wife lack one voice especially when one is correcting the child and the other one is saying contrary things ,pampering and thereby portraying the other person as bad. We must support one another in correcting the child.

Peer group influence is another obstacle. Some children come from homes that has been polluted. Such children, if they have influence on the good children they will automatically pollute them.

Bad exposure. Making children see what they should not see. For example if our children see us husband and wife having affairs in the home. They will try to practice it with other pupils in the school.

Sending children bad errands like sending them to go and bring what does not belong to us, or to tell lies .

Impecuniosity is a hindrance to training children. If they don’t have anything to eat, they can steal and commit other crimes.

Other hindrances are :- Lack of wisdom to train children, immoral parents, lack of planning on the children, pride on our part and the child, misplaced priority. murmuring and grudges, indulgence, lack of space just to mention a few.


conclusion, we must train our children. We must win them for Christ . the process is simple. Preach the real gospel to them the way they will understand. They will forsake their sin never to go back in their again. Good children are the hope of tomorrow. Through them we can have good family, good nation and better tomorrow. Do your part and God will help you. For counseling contact me

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