The journey from poverty to prosperity. Human being are in different stages financially.

Some are very rich , while some are rich and others are still looking for ways to make ends meet.

We cannot fight a shadow to disappear but if we shine light on it, it will disappear so also we cannot fight poverty there are things we have to do so that poverty will give way,for prosperity to come into our life.


Follow the following steps

(1) Realize that poverty is a problem that must be overcome.

(2) Find out the cause of the problem.

(3) Think of how you have been spending your time.

(4) Cancel all unprofitable ventures.

(5) Find time to think.

(6) Pen down all ideas that come to your mind

(7) Take note of any individual, group, or organization that can assist you.

(8) Seek for counseling .

(9) Don’t rush into any venture.

(10) Don’t allow anyone to discourage you<

(11) Read stories of successful people.

(12) Be ready to change with situations,

(13) Be steadfast in what you are doing.


A person who want to move from his present state of lack,

into abundance must first of all realize his present state.

if not he will never see the need to move forward.

He must find out the cause of his problems these things must be listed so that he can be able to remember them.

Couple with the above, he must be able to analyze how he has been spending his time, the purpose of this is to be able to spend his time on profitable ventures only.

At this point, all unprofitable ventures must be discarded .

The next step of action now is to find some time to think, during this period any idea that come to his mind must be recorded it is among these ideas he or she will choose from after an elaborate thinking and comparisons.

It is very important here to think of individuals, group or organization that can assist you in this project.

This must remind us that we must be in good relation with people so that anybody that we approached for help we be ready to assist us.

Counseling is also very important . we must seek counseling from people that know more than us or that are successful in the type of business that we choose to do
You must not rush things and things must be done in order.

Dont start climbing a tree from the leaves.Sometimes, unexpected situations can arise. If you don’t rush things, you will be able to maintain your balance.

Some people might discourage you, don’t yield to discouragement.

Whatever happens you must not loose focus.

Read stories of successful people this will make things easy for you and encourage you to move forward.

You must be able to adapt to changes for example weather, price changes. government policies, taxation etc.

Finally, you must be trust worthy diligent, and be friendly. All this things will attract customers to your side.


In conclusion, you must learn how to grow in that business by going through series of trainings that will make you improve.

If there is an association for the job you have chosen, make sure you join them.

Don’t limit yourself to my points alone these are just few out of millions of ideas.

Any good idea that spring up from your mind, make sure you purify it and make use of it.

I wish you prosperous business. ARISE AND SHINE.

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